Re-Impact Le Géant

Re-Impact Le Géant
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~9,4 mm
mittelhart bis hart
Spiegelasymetrie: 1. Tempovariante
VH70-90/ RH 30-50
Spiegelasymetrie: 2. Tempovariante
VH 40-60 / RH 70-90
Vorhand All-off- / Rückhand def-All-
Vorhand Aktiv und Rückhand klassisch spielbar

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Old school feel but modern behavior
After 2 weeks with le geant i can say i am amazed. Let me explain. Forehand with joola x-plode it has very nice arc, very good spin, very fast, but what puzzled me is, it doesnt feel like balsa, very linear. Its like old school setups but very controled. Backhand i play with yasaka antipower, and i can generate spin, not that much like juic neo anti but still.
Forehand: touch, little bit fast, serve receive very good, topspin very good, sidespin very good, underspin not so good, counter ok, lifting underspin good.
Backhand: touch very good, serve receive good, underspin good, cut from second zone not that dangerous, passive block very very good, active block ok-good, counter good. I hope helps.
One mention. Backhand is not that linear like forehand. It is slow at slow speed and makes nice arc when fake topsin, and direct and fast i would say almost like forehand fast but very direct without any arc what so ever.
Kundenmeinung von Cirstea Toni / (Veröffentlicht am 29.07.2021)

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